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Car now runs but chugs in second?
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TEMA: Car now runs but chugs in second?
Car now runs but chugs in second? hace 9 Meses, 1 Semana Karma: 0

I was having issues getting the car to start, got that figured out with loads of thanks to the members in this forum. My new problem, dual 40 webbers tuned to the initial start up setup, I can without a load fully rev them up without any issues through the rpm range, but when i took it for a drive, i was in second gear going up a slight hill and the engine started "chugging" it sounded like it was getting fuel then not getting fuel back and forth in quick succession, Didn't get it into any higher gear, it was almost like i was lugging the engine but i know i was going at least 20-25. I've so far swapped out the fuel filter and contemplating checking my float setting again. I can post my current jetting if anyone wants it, or just ask what other info would be valuable in helping out with this as I'm not even sure why exactly its happening.

Please help.

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